For over 45 years Taylor Made has been family owned and operated. What started as a small boarding farm in 1976, has grown into the world’s leading Thoroughbred source. Over the past nine years, Taylor Made has grown its partnership business, syndicating racehorses and breeding stock with tremendous success. The key to that success is great people, great horses, and great horsemen.


Taylor Made Partnerships has always contended that we are only as good as the partners that trust us to bring them an unparalleled experience. We are blessed to have what we believe are the best partners in the business. We value their trust and look to deliver on their dreams. To that end, we keep each fund to a small number of partners we can deliver on our promise.


Armed with the experience and knowledge of years of practice, TM Parnterships looks to select Thoroughbreds that will bring us to the top of the game, allowing our partners to realize their dreams and have a ton of fun in the meantime. Our selection process is never compromised. As we all know, this is a very tough game, so we aim to increase our odds at every turn.


Taylor Made has raised and/or sold more than 133 Grade 1 winners through the years, including 10 in 2021 alone. The same teams that have been responsible for this success are leveraged to sort through horses on the track, on the farm, and at the sales, and select only the ones be believe make the cut. There is an art and a science to this process, so we are constantly learning and adjusting to the market and sport.